I am Michelle Wilkinson and the very first Very Lovely Sauce came about after a Sunday lunch with friends. I had concentrated so hard on creating a super splendid main course that I had overlooked dessert, a fact which only occurred to me when the children asked what was for pudding. I delved into the freezer for vanilla ice cream and confidently pimped it to an acceptable culinary level by whipping up a batch of sea-salted caramel sauce as topping. It was hailed by all as very lovely indeed – and I decided from that point on that I must make sauce!

In August 2015 The Very Lovely Sauce Company was formed and in October of the same year production started. We are proud to hand-make all of our sauces in small batches and ensure the contents of each jar are of the highest quality and contain as much love as we can squeeze in.

We would love to hear how you enjoy your Very Lovely sauces, so do get in touch and let us know.


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